The studio

We are two passionate game designers who want to create their own games and tell their own stories.
Today, players are seeking even more thrilling and surprising experiences in the games they play and always demand a sharp quality.
As designers, our goal is to mix a simple gameplay with a deep background, in an original production to create these new experiences for the players!

vridniX – A frantic spinning platformer

Control vridniX, a selfish creature who goes out to save the world, but will destroy it in the process…





Developer & Sound designer

Jonrod is the duo’s tech. He is passionate about video games history and loves to share his game experiences with his friends and family. He also likes to create music, mixing Electro, Metal and Jazz!



Level designer & Graphist

Being a game designer and a graphist means Greg can do everything in a video game, except actually making it work ! According to him, video games are the future and he can’t wait to flood the world with his ideas.